Black Friday Discounts on My Favorite Tools

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Black Friday Discounts on My Favorite Tools
Black Friday Discounts on My Favorite Tools

When I like a product, I use it, teach about it, and share it. For some I’m an affiliate representative, which means if I share a product and you make a purchase, I earn a small commission. Know that I only rep the products I love and use daily!

This being that time of year, many of the products I love have holiday sales going on. Here are links to their deals, some with additional affiliate discounts that I can share.



Flypaper Textures

Purchase Link: HERE

Sale Dates November 21 to December 29

Discount Code: Black23

30% OFF

Try their latest addition to the collection, Midas Gold.





Nik Collection6

Purchase Link: HERE

Silver Efex alone is worth the price of this collection! I use it on black and white and infrared images with wonderful effect! There’s noting quite like it.

In addition you get:

  • 8 powerful plugins for non-destructive editing

  • Every plugin lovingly rebuilt by DxO for unity, performance, and stability

  • Hundreds of filters, effects, and premium presets

  • U Point™ technology for effortless local adjustments 

  • 1 x license code valid for 3 activations on Windows or Mac computers

  • Use as plugins or as standalone applications

  • Free updates until next major release



Nik Collection6



Topaz Photo AI 

Purchase Link: HERE


Topaz has corralled its three AI tools – Denoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel – into the single tool Photo AI. This took does a remarkable job of removing noise, sharpening, and increasing resolution all in one fell swoop! Photo AI will increase the resolution of a tightly cropped image or smaller iPhone images. It works wonder for those of us creating infrared with the iPhone as it reduces noise while increasing resolution.


Topaz Photo AI



Luminar Neo

Purchase Link: HERE

Sale ends November 22

Savings up to 85% depending on the plan you choose.


Luminar Neo is the latest collection of tools from Skylum. The “remove spots” tool is the bomb for removing dust spots from my Palouse photos with a single click, and I love the new feature, “Studio Light” that allows you to add patterned light – like the light coming through venetian blinds – to any photo. That’s what I did with the image of the ballerina below. You can now also do photo stacking and compile multi-image panoramas. Luminar Neo is extremely powerful, yet intuitive and simple to use!





Created with Luminar Neo's Studio Light

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