Duex Max Portable Monitor for On-the-Go Editing

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Duex Max Portable Monitor for On-the-Go Editing
Duex Max Portable Monitor for On-the-Go Editing

It's great to be traveling again and traveling means working on the road from a laptop computer.  To make that a little better, I've added a portable monitor – the Duex Max by Mobile Pixels, Inc. – to my Mac Book Pro and so far I'm really enjoying the extra screen real estate when I'm on the road!

When I'm working in my studio at home, I have two 27-inch monitors set up side-by-side, but when I'm on the road I'm limited to my MacBook's smaller 16" screen.

With the Duex, I've added a second screen and I feel much less cramped. 

Having two monitors allows me to have a number of apps open and spread out for easy access. I can move programs to the other screen when not in use and I can do multiple tasks or reference content from one document and paste it into another. It's great whether I'm writing an article, responding to email, or editing photos in Lightroom Classic, Luminar Neo, or Photo AI.


The Duex Max

is currently on sale

for 60% off. (Go Here)

(It's regularly $429.99, but is now $169.99)


Attaching the Duex Max to my MacBook took less than 10 minutes. Everything I needed was included in the kit. Using the provided adhesive tape, I mounted four provided round nickle-sized magnets strong enough to hold the monitor's track assembly. I just needed to decide which side I wanted the extension to go on and once I determined that, (I chose the right side), the rest was simple. Once attached, it becomes part of the computer so I don't think about the portable monitor unless I need to open and use it.

For use, I can use the MacBook without the Duex Max, or I can quickly slide the Duex out to the right, plug it into my MacBook with the provided cable, and voila! I have an extra monitor at my side. 

For travel, the MacBook with the Duex mounted securely on its back, fits snuggly in the computer sleve of my ThinkTank camera bag. 


The Duex Max can also connect to any device including your iPhone or iPad. In the image below, I've plugged in my iPhone and it displays on the Duex a bit larger. 



If you're considering adding a portable monitor to your laptop for travel or even work at home away from the office, the Duex is easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy on the wallet, lightweight, and durable. 

I traveled with it to Cape Cod recently, and I will pack it on my trips to Tuscany in May and The Palouse in June.

Visist this link (HERE) to learn more about the Duex Max and Mobile Pixels, Inc. 

Thanks for being here and taking time to read my posts.

Have a great spring!



P.S. Check my Workshops page for several workshops with openings this year. I have one opening in Lush Palouse June 2-7, one opening in Cape Cod Magic in October, openings in Calabria's Tyrrhenian Coast in September, and three openings in Beauty & Grace in Havana in November!

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