iPhone Infrared: New Filter Mount Option!

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iPhone Infrared: New Filter Mount Option!
iPhone Infrared: New Filter Mount Option!

[The image of the tree at Crown Hill Cemetery was made with the 15 Pro Max Native Camera with Night Mode and processed in Lightroom Mobile. I used the the JJC Magnetic Filter Mount described in this post.]

Creating infrared photos with the iPhone is something I've been exploring since about the iPhone X and 11. It's been a journey to find, test, and sometimes modify accessories to hold the infrared filter on the phone in a way that is secure, convenient, and functional. 

In a blog post from from last November, (Accessories for iPhone Infrared Photography), I described the accessories for one method for attaching the IR filter. This method still works and many may even prefer it, but I've been turned on to a new method.

Last month one of the members of our Facebook group, Open Group! Infrared on the iPhone, (thank you, Stuart Moore!), introduced me to a new method that I've come to appreciate. I ordered it several weeks ago and have used it now with success and will share it with you here.

The item is the JJC 49mm Magnetic Filter System, available from Amazon. 

Photo from Amazon web site

It's a well designed system that magnetically attaches to the iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15. (It's not clear to me that it works on earlier iPhones.) It has a female threaded opening over the lenses that accepts a 49mm size filter. 

It only comes in the 49mm size, so you have these options:

1. buy a 49mm IR filter to fit the JJC filter system, or 

2. buy a step-up ring to allow you to use filters you may already have. The step-up ring has a 49mm male thread that screws into the 49mm female thread on the filter system and a female thread to receive the filter you have. For example, I have a 49mm to 52mm, and a 49mm to 67mm step-up ring to use with  the 52mm and 67mm infrared filters I already have.

I have a 67mm, 720nm filter and a 52mm, 720nm filter, both from Spencer's Camera. If you buy from Spencer's, I recommend the 02 - On-Lens IR Filter - Standard Color IR (720nm). Don't be misled by the term "standard color." The 720nm filter produces a black-and-white IR result. Use discount code RADDREW25 for a discount with Spencer's.

You can also use infrared filters from other manufacturers. Hoya and Neewer are two that I've used and you can find them online or at your favorite camera store. The ones I get from Spencers are more expensive but they are high quality. While others may be less expensive you may find that the coatings wear off or they may not be of the highest quality. Also be aware that the same 720nm filter from different companies may vary in the color of the image they create. This variability is not unusual in my experience using a variety of IR filters from different sources.

Here are the pieces that I have. 

From left to right, the JJC Magnetic Filter System, a 49mm to 67mm step-up ring and the 67mm, 720nm infrared filter from Spencer's.

This is what it looks like when attached to the iPhone:


Pros and Cons of the JCC Filter System


I like how easy and convenient this system is. It simply snaps in place magnetically and aligns almost perfectly. You may have to move it slightly to ensure that it's seated properly, but once it's on, it's on.

Unlike the screw-on filter mount, there's nothing that blocks buttons on the camera interface. 

It's easy to take on and off so if you have trouble seeing your scene through the infrared filter, simply remove the JCC Filter System, compose your photo and return the filter to the phone. 


The system gets in the way of the 13mm ultra wide angle lens (0.5x). It blocks a corner of the frame. I wish it didn't, but for infrared photography, I don't mind because the 0.5x lens is not a good option for infrared photography because it will almost always produce a severe hot spot. 

The JJC Filter System might interfer with your tripod camera mounts that attach across the phone. I use it successfully with the Pictron Metal iPhone Tripod Mount, and with the Manfrotto Universal Clamp. 

Shopping List

Here's a shopping list with links on where to find these items:

1. JJC 49mm Magnetic Lens Filter Mount,

2.  Hoya 49mm R72 Infrared Filter to fit the JJC mount without need for a step-up ring,


3. 02 - On-Lens IR Filter - Standard Color IR (720nm).
I recommend either the 67mm or the 52mm.

4. Step-up Ring. If you plan to use a filter you already have, like a 52mm or a 67mm, you'll need either a 49mm to 52mm, or a 49mm to 67mm, step-up ring. You can find these from your favorite camera store or get them online here:
49mm to 52mm from Amazon

49mm to 67mm from Amazon

5. iPhone 13 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe
While the JJC Filter System will fit over the "naked" phone (i.e., without a case), I don't like to ever use my phone without a case. The iPhone case I prefer is the Apple Silicone case.

I don't know yet how the JCC System works with other cases. 

Do you NEED this new system?

If you already have and use the Moment 67mm Phone Filter Mount, that system continues to work well and there's no need to change systems.

The JJC Magnetic Filter System is simply another option with features you might appreicate. You can learm more about the Moment filter mount in my previous blog post, Accessories for iPhone Infrared Photography

Thank you!

As always, thanks for taking time to read my posts. I hope they offer you useful information and help you continue to have fun with your photography! 

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