NEW! Luminar Neo Now for iPhone

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NEW! Luminar Neo Now for iPhone
NEW! Luminar Neo Now for iPhone

Skylum recently launched its new app for iPhone, Luminar Neo – AI Photo Editor.

This new app makes it possible to edit RAW and other file types on the iPhone using some of the same features we've come to love in Skylum's desktop version of Luminar Neo. 

While the new app doesn't have all of the features of the desktop version, it does offer an intuitive interface and these features that you may know from the desktop:

* Develop function for editing RAW files

* AI Enhance 

* Relight AI for adjusting near and far brightness

* Skin and Body enhance tools

* Sky Replacement using provided skies or your own sky photos

* A set of presets for Portrait Toning and Creative styliztion

Here are a few examples of recent images that I've processed with this new iPhone app.

I made this image from the window seat with the iPhone 15 Pro Max's native camera on a recent flight departing Las Vegas. This extraordinary landscape and terrain is the terminus of the Grand Canyon as seen from about 30,000 feet.

The original RAW photo right out of the camera (below) looked flat with little contrast or detail.


Here's what the image looks like after a few adjustments in Luminar Neo.


If you like to add skies to scenes that have none, Luminar Neo's sky replacement is very easy and effective. The app comes with a number of skies to choose from, or, if you like to use your own sky photos instead, as I do, Luminar Neo makes it easy to select and add your own skies.

On a recent trip to The Palouse, I made this photo of Palouse Falls on a day when there wasn't a cloud anywhere to be found. 


I took the original original photo into the Luminar Neo app, performed basic edits, and then used the Sky Replacement function to add a sky from another photo made on the same trip a day before creating a much more engaging image (below).


I made this photo of a young dancer with the Cuban National Ballet in February. This is what the image looked like after just a few minor edits in the iOS editor on the iPhone.


I then took it into Lumunar Neo and applied a few edits using Enhance, Skin, and RelightAI and transformed it (below).


I'm excited to see Skylum entering the mobile app arena. I love their desktop tools and their creative approach to integrating AI tools. I'll be interested in watching this app mature. For example, I'd love to see them add a masking component in the future. 

Maybe you'll give Luminar Neo – AI Photo Editor at look. 

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Thanks for being here, and, as always, keep on creating! 



P.S. If you enjoy sky replacement, but aren't ready to commit to Luminar Neo just yet, sky replacement can also be done using the free app, SnapSeed for iPhone and Android. The process is not as automated as it is with Luminar Neo but the results are just as rewarding. Here's a link to my tutorial video, How I Did It!™; Add  a Sky in SnapSeed.  I did this a while back but it's still relevant.  – R

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