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How I Did It!™ Create and Process RAW and ProRAW with your Mobile Phone Tutorial!

iPhone 13 Pro Max, ProRAW, Processed in Lightroom for Mobile

Did you miss last year's webinar, How I Did It!™ Create and Process RAW and ProRAW with your Mobile Phone?
Access to the webinar recording is now available for purchase. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max, ProRAW, Processed in iOS editor

What: How I Did It!™ Create and Process RAW and ProRAW with Your iPhone!

Duration: 2 hours

Where: Recording of Feb 2022 Webinar

What's included:

  • A link to the recording, viewable through December 2023
  • A mobile phone resource document with lists of favorite apps, accessories, and other resources
  • A PDF of the webinar slides with hot links to additional resources.

Cost: $19.99

Purchase: See PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

iPhone 12 Pro Max, 720nm Infrared, Processed in Lightroom for Mobile

Webinar Description

RAW technology has been available for mobile photographers for a while now, but in the past year it's advanced and become more accessible. 

RAW files provide us with data and processing flexibility not available with jpeg or HEIF files and that translates to more creative control of our processing and more dynamic images. 

In the past, RAW technology was limited to the "big" camera photographer, and for those who haven't used RAW (or haven't used it on the mobile phone) it can be a little mysterious.

In this webinar I'll share why I shoot RAW and ProRAW with my iPhone and, more importantly, which cameras, camera apps, camera settings, and processing methods I recommend for achieving the best results.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Users of iPhones earlier than the 12 Pro Max. Earlier iPhones can't create Apple's new ProRAW format, but, there are many other ways to create RAW files using other apps on earlier iPhones.

  • iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max photographers. These iPhones have the ability to use Apple's new proprietary ProRAW format.
  • Android users are invited with the understanding that I'll being doing all demonstrations on the iPhone, and not all apps and processes are available for android. We will cover one great camera app for shooting RAW on the android phone, and two favorite apps for processing RAW images on the android. I've also included links to sites that describe what Camera 2 API is and why your android phone must support Camera 2 API in order to shoot raw with the android's native camera. I'll also provide a link to a list of 3rd party apps that make creating RAW files possible on earlier Androids that don't support Camera 2 API.

What You'll learn

  • What's the big deal about RAW?
  • What your camera settings should be for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, as well as earlier iPhones
  • How to create RAW files if you are using an iPhone earlier than the 12 and how to set up your iPhone for the best results
  • RAW files require processing. I'll share my three favorite methods for processing RAW and ProRAW files, all of which work on iPhone and at least two that work on Android.


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Link to Video Recording $19.99 USD

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