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How I Did It!™ Video Tutorial; Creating Unique Abstracts with Your iPhone!

European Weeping Beech Abstract

One of the great joys of working with the iPhone is the ability to create the things you can imagine, no matter how bizarre or unusual they may be.
For me, there's no better way to express myself in this way than through the creation of abstracts based on real objects.

Red with Gold Flypaper Texture

In this video I'll be working with one of my favorite subjects: trees. I enjoy them in all seasons, colors, shapes, and stages of decay and the process I'll share in this video has given me another reason to appreciate their beauty and complexity.

While I love to photograph trees just as they are, sometimes I get the urge to present them in a new and different way, as I did this past week when I went on a creative spree creating abstracts based on the trees I love.

Fall Maple Abstract

I decided to do this video in response to the many gratifying comments I received, and all the questions I was asked about How I Did It!

What: 60 minute video tutorial available to view through December, 2023.

Title: How I Did It!™; Video Tutorial, Creating Unique Abstracts with Your iPhone.

Cost: $9.99 via PayPal (below)

Upon purchase, you'll receive:

  • a list of apps to install, 
  • Discount link and code for 15% Off FlyPaper Textures
  • a list of other texture sources
  • a handout of general iPhone resources, and 
  • a link to the video recording that will remain available to view through June 30, 2023.

Stylized with Homemade Texture and more.

What You'll learn

  • We'll walk through the app, Glaze. It's an app that is designed to create a variety of very edgy painterly effects. It's been around for a while but for me it was only recently that I began to rediscover the effects it can produce and how this can be a starting point for creating unique images.
  • What your camera I'll share how to create a transparent background using the masking feature in the Glaze app. This will give us a great abstract image to work with as the basis for our final image.
     should be for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, as well as earlier iPhones
  • We'll use the app Image Blender and select blend modes to blend in a variety of ways, such as blending the abstract image with the original.
  • We'll blend the abstract image with a host of textures. I'll be using Flypaper textures, but you an also create your own textures. 
  • Finally we'll explore a variety of ways to finish your image, getting the tone and patina just the way you want it. We'll see how other apps like Lens Light, SnapSeed, and Snow Daze can offer ways to put finishing touches on your image.

Red Maple Abstract

Make your purchase via the PayPal button below. Please allow 24 hours for the processing of your order as this is not an automated system. 

For additional information about other How I Did It!™ videos for purchase, as well as a host of free videos on my YouTube Channel, please see my link tree here: 

Thank you, and have a safe and joyful holiday!

P.S. See my free video How I Did It!™, Use Werble to Animate Your Images.

Link to Video Recording $9.99 USD

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